Reasons Why Your Blog Needs Web Hosting

blog needs webhosting

If there is one thing certain in 2014 it is the fact that if you have a blog you need your own hosting plan to run it. This is because you can really end up in a sticky situation one day if you don’t have your own hosting plan for your blog. You can quite [...]

The Problem With Social Media Spam And How To Prevent It

social media spam

Social spam isn’t a new phenomenon by any means; however it has grown substantially in the last couple of years. In fact, in the first half of last year it managed to rise by over 355% – by no means a small change. Of course, the big issue here is that it’s a lot harder [...]

5 Tips For Allowing Your Employees To Work From Home

There has been plenty of research done about the effectiveness of working from home in business environment. It is quite clear at the moment that an occasional opportunity to work from home can really boost productivity and make your employees happier. Here are five tips to help you make occasional work from home to work well for [...]

5 Ways To Choose The Right Cloud Service Provider

Before taking the actual plunge i.e. before completely surrendering yourself to the cloud, you need to make one critical informed decision, the repercussions of which are gonna stay with you for the rest of your business life-Choosing the right cloud service provider! Even if you think your organizational engine is flawless, your cloud service provider is [...]

6 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be On Cloud?

If you still have not moved your website to the cloud, you should seriously consider doing so. Here are 6 reasons why your website should be on cloud. It allows your administrator to easily access and to monitor all data necessary to ensure the smooth performance of your website. With the technology, website data and files [...]

7 Competitive Cloud Computing Programs For Tech Geeks

As cloud computing is becoming vital in all information technology departments and domains globally, it can be really difficult to enjoy an accelerated career in IT without having expertise in the cloud computing sector. If you are seeking a competitive job to get an edge in the IT market or want to attract potential hiring [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Cloud Computing?

Most of you now know what a cloud ‘represents’ but you might be unfamiliar with the depth of greatness it possesses. Cloud computing is the current superhero of the worldwide IT industry and this is no exaggeration. Metaphorically, the whole world is on the cloud. And if you want to follow the herd, then you have about [...]

Pros And Cons Of Moving Your Business To The Cloud

Starting a new business, is a very arduous task’ which needs a stable and reliable strategy among other factors. The most irking involves the expenses involved in the initial setting-up stages. It is right here that cloud technology lends a helping hand. But let’s not get carried away, for it doesn’t provide any financial help [...]

5 Tips for Mobile Cloud Can Be Improved

With all the promise it holds of making it possible to deliver cloud solutions to anyone anywhere and anytime, it’s no wonder mobile cloud has turned into a trend. However, there are several barriers that, if left unaddressed, limit the mobile cloud experience from achieving its full potential. To prevent this from happening, one must research and [...]

Difference Between White Hat SEO Vs. Black Hat SEO

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there is what is known as “White Hat SEO” and “Black Hat SEO”. If you have been doing any sort of SEO then chances are is that you have heard both of these terms. So what do they mean and what kind of SEO are you doing? What are the benefits of [...]